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Structural Analysis.

Hunter Engineering, LLC specializes in analyzing structural distresses within residential structures and providing repair plans to address those distresses. Typically these distresses are related to movements in the foundation system, but in a small number of cases distresses can be caused by movement in framing systems related to inadequate framing members or attachment details.

At Hunter Engineering, LLC we are experienced in developing repair plans to address foundation movement using several different methods of repair and several different foundation repair systems. We also have experience in developing framing repair plans which limit the amount of removal and replacement to a minimum.

At the same time we are always interested in learning of a new product, system, or approach for repairing foundation and framing systems. So, if you have a new product, system, or approach and are looking for an engineer willing to look at the information/ideas you have, call us.

Hunter Engineering LLC is the ideal partner for the general or structural repair contractor. Easy to work with, knowledgeable of the industry, and honesty make us a valuable resource to the contractor.

Structural analysis and

We are easy to work with, knowledgeable of the industry, and honest.

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"Thanks again for everything. You've done an extremely good job of describing the situation in terms which can be understood by us "commoners" and in documenting your findings with photos. Nicely done." - Cindy Mitchell (Realtor)